when weakness and strength meet

April 1, 2012Karen Courcy

I have learned in this amazing journey called healing that, strength is found through weakness, and weakness is found in strength.

Some of my greatest paths have been paved in the weakness, therefor giving me a path to walk on.

Right now is one of those moments where I have found strength in weakness, and I am ready to move forward. I am ready to take a look at the path that was created in the weakness.

I hate that sometimes tough situations and hard times are a catalyst for lessons learned – but that is when I realized weakness IS doing in strength, and strength IS found in weakness, they go hand in hand.

I truly believe our purpose in life is to find the weakness in the strength, and to find the strength and the weakness – persevere and find wisdom and courage through the process.

I feel a huge part of my healing is about finding all those things within myself. Yes I get angry at times, I get frustrated, I get bitter because I don’t understand why I come up against these road blocks in my healing, but sometimes when I take a moment to sit back and look at where I have been vs where I can go, it grounds me back to what has always worked in my journey to healing and that is “I will move through anything I find trust in”.

This week I am looking towards movement, however I can find it – whether it be through strength or weakness, I will honor them both as I know deep inside, both are needed to heal.


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