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October 7, 2012Karen Courcy

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week, and it’s one of the most connecting days of the week for me.

Sunday is my day of connection. I go to church and connect with my church family. I come home and it’s a day to where nothing is expected of my time or anyplace I really need to be.

My kids are home from school, my husband doesn’t have to work, I don’t have a million errands running me amuck to where I am pretty much living in the car.

Sunday morning my sister and I make time to check in with each other by phone as our week is so hectic that we can’t even find the time to day hello. I love our Sunday morning phone calls.

On Sunday we cook a good meal knowing that we can sit together and eat and not have to worry about being anywhere in a rush.

Sometimes on Sunday we will all tidy up the house together as a family, do laundry for the week ahead, and just hang around the house snacking in between meals just because.

Every Sunday night my therapist and I email each other and connect. We reflect on the week before, or just to write and say hello and to check in with each other and exchange goodness and some wisdom, and we always end the email with “I will see you tomorrow morning”.

Sunday nights I like to sit in my favorite chair, catch up on dvr taped shows that I didn’t have time to catch up on during the week. I will blog and write at the same time.

Sunday is a day of connection and nothingness and I love it, even when the days are hard, and I am going through a hard time, I try and reflect on this day and look at the good things in my life and take self time care for myself.

So as I sit here right now, my dryer is running, I can hear Nathan skyping with a friend laughing, I just got finished reading a wonderful email from my therapist that was very connecting and caring. I am getting ready to put my clothes out for tomorrow to which it will be a busy day and I will find myself looking forward to the next Sunday.

I will sit and finish the book “wrecked” and then get ready for bed getting ready for another busy week ahead.

Today was a good connecting day – and I look forward to next Sunday already.

What do you love about Sunday? ….

I hope you were able to connect with yourself and give yourself some self-care.

Please take a moment to comment! I love connecting with others!

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