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April 29, 2012Karen Courcy

Every Sunday night my therapist sends me an email of connection – thoughts and reflection, or he will just ask how I am doing, or give me his thoughts going forward, or just to connect.

Well tonight it was a reminder of my strength, and the person I am. It was a beautiful reminder that God is by my side, and that I am loved, cared for and supported in this newness I have going forward.

This was one of the best weekends that I have had in a long time. A weekend of clarity, a weekend of connection with all my support .

It was a weekend where I realized that I let something bring me down that was not worth bringing me down. I found myself back this weekend. I found myself back to who I was before, and it felt GREAT!

I took myself out of the past, and realized how much I stepped outside of the strong person that has gotten me 5 years strong in my healing.

I got together with a good friend this weekend. I got a nice phone call from my dear friend. I had a beautiful weekend and it’s the first time I have been able to wash my hands of the negative, and wipe them dry with grace!

Tomorrow I walk back into my healing with more connection and more support than I had being derailed. I am so lifted and filled with grace and goodness.

Tomorrow I walk back into the familiar, I give my support a hug in connection, to where I will then look around the room, I find what is mine, and I show up the Karen that has been 5 years strong in her healing again!

What I have learned in this whole process is that “never let anyone take you down because of their path, or their past getting in the way of your path towards goodness” I am WORTH so much more than that.

I am me, and no one can be me –  I am me because I got myself here to where I am today.

I am so blessed to walk back into connection this week – towards ME and towards my healing! I cannot say much for the other person who moved me out of my path, and I wish them well, but I am not worried about the other person, I care about Me and all the wonderful people I have in my life today that got me thus far.

Like my therapist has told me for years, “we make a great team” “we will do what we always do, we will show up and work hard. I will show up and open wounds so I can close them with truth.

I am excited, and happy to have the old me back with a twist of more strength and connection.. I am truly blessed that God and my support has given me the strength to move forward – towards wholeness.


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