Living in an unfinished story

May 6, 2019Karen Courcy

 As I sit here to write this blog writing, I am inspired by a quote written by “Rachel Held Evans” who sadly passed away from an unexpected illness last week. Her quote reads: “We live inside an unfinished story”.

When I saw that quote this weekend, it resonated with me in so many ways, not only because it was written by a woman who was so faithful to her beliefs and her own story – but by how much it touches my own journey; my journey of healing.

We all live inside an unfinished story; the story that God has created in us to walk upon and thru. The beauty of an unfinished story is, we have the power to write the story as our story is a blank canvas waiting for us to live in!

My healing journey is an unfinished story waiting to be told, waiting to be lived in, waiting to be shared with others who also walk their own untold stories. I hope my journey and my story can inspire others to embrace their inner healing just as I have.

Everyone lives inside an unfinished story” – Rachel Held Evans

My healing journey in therapy has been about turning the pages to my story within and filling in the blanks that were stolen out of fear and silence. My unfinished story has been about writing about the old and creating the new. My story has been about finding my voice within that has been shut down by years of silence as a child, and brought forward to heal and be spoken.

Some people may find an unfinished story to be vulnerable, or frustrating because we want so much to know what happens in the end, or to finish the story – but do we ever have a finished story? I believe the gift that God has given us IS the unfinished story; the never-ending canvas of our lives and how we choose to write it and live in it.

I believe God has created us with a blank canvas and he watches on with love and hope that we fill that canvas by living in the light of his grace.

My story is and has been about finding the words that were once silenced as a child, and healing from the wounds of my past as the adult I am today. I show up to the empty pages of my untold story every day, that is what this healing journey has been about for me these past 12 years in therapy.

My story has been about the pain and abuse I endured as a child – buts it’s not my whole story, that is just a part of the story; the part of the story that I didn’t have control over! But today I have a choice and I choose to fill the pages with the voice I never had.

I have an amazing therapist who has helped me fill in the pages and to find myself within and between the story of my past. I am forever grateful for him and this healing journey as he has truly helped me color the pages with light that I never thought was possible – and I continue to find the words that will someday be shared with the world and my story will be told, That is my hope someday.

So until then – Just as my story is unfinished, my healing journey continues and in that healing is where the words to the story continue to fill the pages and this time I hold the pen as the story continues to unfold.

Everyone lives in an unfinished story – a blank canvas waiting to be written – and for me, that blank canvas is being written each day as I heal the wounds of my past.



  • coastalmom

    May 28, 2020 at 10:11 AM

    Why aren’t there a thousand LIKES here??? It’s not the writing! It’s getting you out there! So many people need to find your blog!

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