hope is a choice

July 16, 2014Karen Courcy

c16ec971081411418fc8b3e7e374aaf4I read a blog this morning about hope, and there were parts of it I agreed with, and there were parts of it I did not agree with.

I am a very open-minded person, especially when it comes to others opinions and beliefs, but when it comes to HOPE, I have this firm foot in the ground on what I believe hope is.

Hope is a God given CHOICE! A Gift that is ours to have if we choose to believe in it.

I believe God created hope in us, and its our choice to embrace that hope right in the middle of life’s mess!

I am taking a huge risk here, but one of the quotes from the blog I read was this:

“But, if we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes—maybe even most of the time—we hope so we don’t have to change anything at all”

I disagree with that. I don’t believe people hope so that they don’t have to change anything at all, I truly believe Hope is this small little spark inside of us to see change, to make change, to “hope” for change. Because hope is wishing for something to be different.

I don’t sit here and hope so I don’t have to change, I want something to change, that is what sparks “MY HOPE”.

I have never embraced hope without change, even if the very thing I am hoping on doesn’t happen. That hope still creates a change in me even in the very disappointment that hope does bring sometimes, and I think it does change us, in many ways.

The blog that I wrote last night (The true ability to heal) talking about the “shift” that has happened in me came from HOPE. I finally embraced hope as a possibility that something is going to change, and even in the hardness of the things that haven’t, it still changes something inside of me.

Hope is a choice, its our choice. We can sit and ponder in the hardness of what life brings us, or we can embrace hope as possibility – no matter the outcome.

Being a victim of abuse hope was a very dull spark inside of me. Hope was a misleading promise until I was able to realize that hope is a choice – my choice – no matter what the outcome, and if I allow myself to hope, there is growth in that, because it means I want something better or different than what it is I am enduring. It means I don’t want to be stagnant in the very place that life has put me in.

Since I came to fruition about what hope means to me, it changed me, its healing me, it has created in me the ability to take very hard steps towards something I don’t quite know the outcome of yet, but there is still movement in that.

Even the smallest amount of hope means we have something in us that is growing bigger than what is already here.

Having hope means we are alive and even in the hope of things that don’t happen the way we want it to, we still grow and still a change happens within us.

My therapist often asks me “how do you do it?” “how do you continue to show up in the hard?” .. my answer is always “HOPE”. Hope that if I continue to take small steps forward, a change will happen, and in many ways it has.

I have learned something big over the past couple of months, and that is – sometimes steps don’t always have to go forward, we can take steps backwards and still heal, learn, and grow.

Healing can happen in the “steps backward” because life is not always a forward motion. Life will hand us a step backwards, its what life does, its about holding onto that hope that we can take a step forward .. it was there before, its going to be there again.

I would not be where I am today without hope. I don’t depend on the hope, I don’t rely on the hope, I embrace it as something that is possible and everyday I work hard towards that, no matter what the outcome.

I believe Hope is a choice; a gift given to us by God, and its up to us to embrace it and use it as movement through whatever life is handing us at this very moment.

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