Gaps in the path . . .

February 3, 2012Karen Courcy

As I stated in my post below “healing is healing” there is a road I am on, but also a road can have gaps. This path has gaps, but they are also small enough to jump! I have learned this week in my work in healing that no matter how many times the path breaks, I can still jump over them, and persevere. A road is never perfect, nor is healing.

There is no blueprint for healing, you will come up against trial and error, you will come up against obstacles that you think steer you in the wrong direction; but in fact lead you into a better place. I have learned that the path may change, but my strength does not, nor does my hope!

Today for me, I think that the gaps in the path are easier to jump because I have the tools to get through them. I have support, love, connection, trust, faith, GOD! Those are all the tools that I need to get through any gap that comes my way. It seems at the time overwhelming, but once you jump it, you look back and think “that was easier than the last time” .. and it will get easier.

Right now while working on the timeline in my healing journey, this is my ROAD, gaps and all –  there has been pain and tears, frustration, wonderment, and fear, and there have been a few smiles in there too, but I have learned that the gaps are not always breaks in the road, but also strength!

With those tools, I have been able to face the gaps, face the trials and pain in working in this timeline, and face it for ME . Not only is this timeline healing ME in my work in therapy, but it’s also helping me write my book on the outside of my work, and my book will have plenty of gaps; gaps being strength, and hardness, truth and pain, but it will also be about my journey in this healing, this new life and connection I have found. I will read back on this book and see that not only was it healing to write, but it could possibly heal others who have been through it.

SO when I see the road with gaps and hardness, I honor it and work through it.. so the next time you see gaps in the road, honor it, be curious about it, find out what it is you can gain from it.. use it as your STRENGTH! that is what I do everyday.. and the blessing is that, it gets easier and easier each time.


  • J.C.

    February 3, 2012 at 10:44 PM

    Karen, you TRULY inspire me, your journey is just amazing. Your writing has helped me really focus on healing inside, and for me. thank you so much, your an amazing woman

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