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April 13, 2014Karen Courcy

1276995_740576855983297_2831393386734618772_oFriday morning I went to my cardiovascular appointment to have my bilateral scan for my legs, and I was pretty nervous about this appointment due to how the scan is done.

I got called back into the room, got undressed and laid on the table waiting for the tech to get me prepped for the scan.

As he was putting leads on the top part of my feet to check for blood pressure, he saw a STICKER at the bottom of my foot! I saw him make a weird face, and then he said to me “you have a sticker on the bottom of your foot, is that supposed to be there?” … and I said to him “what sticker?” and he said “you have a sticker on he bottom of your foot that says “LAUGH!” …. and we both busted out in laughter!

He took the sticker off and gave it to me and said “you should keep that, it must have some kind of meaning”.

I was laughing about it because I knew where it came from . . . the night before I was working on the hope box for my therapist and one of the stickers must have fallen onto the floor and stuck to my foot and made it all the way to the DR’s appointment the next morning.

Being as nervous I was about the scan, I truly believe GOD gives us messages to remind us that he is there, and even in a very hard situation, we just need t laugh and let go of the fear! In that moment I truly believed that GOD was with me, and he wanted to assure me that everything was going to be okay.

This scan was triggering for me because he had to scan the inner part of my thighs and legs and around the upper groin area and I am not to keen on anyone touching me around that area! I am very sensitive to touch – especially if it’s anywhere near my private areas!

I didn’t know this man who was doing the scan and that made me VERY nervous, but just seeing that sticker was a reminder that “GOD is watching, and he just wanted me to laugh and let go of all the fears I hold from he past”.

Although the sticker and the message from God didn’t take away all my anxiety’s and fear, but it did remind me that God does show up when we least expect it, and he is there with us even though he can’t control what happens.

I held onto the stick (photo above), and I shared it later on with my therapist in our session when I gave him that amazing hope box (story coming soon around that) … and we just laughed together in session, because many times we feel messages from God show up in session as well, and this was one of those moments where you have to stop and just know that God works through people and things, and I truly believe that.

Having that moment right before the scan showed me the sense of humor that this tech had and it made me a little less nervous and I am convinced that God had a hand in that.

So I thank God for sticking that sticker at the bottom of my foot and reminding me that, you are here, and I am blessed by your presence  – however you show up.

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