“a child of God”

February 27, 2012Karen Courcy

 Have you ever heard a song that just touched you so much, that it helped you in times of weakness?

I have one of those songs that I listen to when I need strength, and to be reminded of where I am, and what I am moving towards in this healing.

That special song for me is sang by a “local” singer in Woodstock, Anna Kay Toms. She used to sing at “The Serene Bean” at open mic night a while back ago before that place closed up.

(I posted a link to this song at the bottom for you to hear)

This song changed me in so many ways, and even today I find myself putting the song in, and just basking in it’s goodness. This song no matter what I am feeling, just has a way to make me smile and know that I am OK.

4 years ago I walked into “The Serene Bean” in Woodstock, and the place was packed! I was one year into my therapy, and I was having a rough night that night. I was going through some emotional stages that were new for me, and I remember that night going to the Serene Bean – never did I think that I would walk out feeling lifted and filled with hope.

Anna Kay Toms was playing “open mic night” and I found myself just sitting in the corner chair drinking a coffee. I heard this amazing voice and sang this song called “Child of God”, and when I heard that song, I had tears fill my eyes up, and my heart was racing!

Every word had a meaning to me. Every bit of that song was about healing, and a journey to heal. It was about getting through a tough time, and knowing that no matter what tough time you are going through, you will always be a “child of God”.

They gave away free Cd’s that night to those who went and heard her sing. I grabbed a CD and got in the car. I put the CD in right away, and I fell in love with every song.

She was only a local singer, but she made a CD from a studio she rented. She does the piano as well when she sings. I must have worn out that CD, because I listened to the it over and over and over.

Something about that one song “Child of God” just tugged at me, and now even to this day, that song helps me through harder emotional days; where I need to be reminded who I am, and where I am going in this journey.

I was given the OK to make copies of the CD, and I gave them to a lot of my friends. I even gave this one song to my Therapist to hear, and he was all over it – he loved it and what it meant – it was that BEAUTIFUL. It was all about the beliefs I have in my journey to heal.

Believe it or not, I later became good friends with Anna Kay Toms. I would always go and see her sing at the “BEAN” before it closed down.

If you are going through a tough time, or having a hard time finding yourself in your journey, or losing some hope – no matter what it is – listen to this song and just soak it in.

It brings tears to my eyes every time.. it means a lot to me in this journey I am on, and the words touch my heart!

This afternoon I put this song on in my car, and I listened to it 2-3 times on my way to my therapy session.

When I walked into session, I felt whole again – I felt I was recharged and knew the path was clear for me again after having a hard weekend – I felt “connected”. I mentioned that I was listening to “child of God” and he knew right away, that when I listen to that song, I need goodness and a recharge.

It’s a beautiful song, and I hope it does for you; what it did for me.


Child of God


  • Racheal

    February 28, 2012 at 12:25 AM

    OH MY GOSH! that is the most beautiful song I ever heard!! Why is she only a local singer? she should be making records! amazing

    That song is about a journey, what a beautiful thing to be with when you need grace.

    Thank you for sharing that Karen

  • anna

    February 28, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    I have tears!!!!! what a moving song!! I have no words

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