31 days of reflection {day 16} long road

October 17, 2014Karen Courcy

e85284c779996eed5168fab4d18faa7fI am also using this post for the FMF Friday word (LONG)

“I have traveled a very long, hard road to my present place of healing. I am still often amazed that I have survived both my abuse and myself. My mission is to climb out of the deepest, darkest corners of hell. there is still a life worth living inside me”

My life has been a long long road, both hard and healing. I sometimes wonder if the road will ever be smoother with less hard work for me to endure, but then again, maybe this is the road that God wants me to walk, to learn something from it to make me into a person I am meant to be.

Some days I am tired of the long road, and other days I am up and ready for the fight!

I think one of the comforting things for me is knowing that “God” already knows the path ahead of me, and if he knows that path ahead of me, his love and support is already there.

My therapist has always told me this one quote when I doubt God’s support and that is “God is here for us in Minimum protecting but Maximum support” .. meaning, God can support us through the hard, but he can’t protect us from others free will and doing.

I have ALWAYS held onto that quote. This road is long, and it’s hard, but it’s a path worth fighting for and on.

I often wonder if I am on the right path or not, and sometimes I need reminding. I often wonder if I can’t continue to do this “healing” thing, and if maybe I should turn my head to it and go in a different direction, but each time I have that though, I feel God turns my head back to the road in front of me; that this is the path I need to be taking.

So today is another day .. another step hold on the path in front of me on this long road that still holds lots of possibilities and I am sure more pain, but a lot more healing. It’s good and it’s right and I need to trust in God’s knowing for me.

I am up and ready for this day!

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