31 days {day 21} shed light on darkness

October 21, 2015Karen Courcy

3f6e9d2a66e445ccf8dad16273e52af3One of the things that my therapist and I have worked so hard on the past couple of months is using my voice as a way to talk about things so that they are no longer in darkness – rather in the light to heal.

Yes that’s what therapy is about, but I feel I have been talking about things on a much deeper level in therapy.

My therapist has said to me lately “you are talking about things like I have never heard you talking about them before” and I really do get what he means by that, because I have never felt healing happening as I have before.

There is a difference between “talking about something”vs “talking about something being fully connected to self, to my therapist and fully connected to the room and the space around me.

I remember years ago, just talking about something hard would numb me so much that it took days or weeks to talk about something hard! today is so different, I feel it, I talk about it in that moment … not letting the darkness keep it from the light – rather giving it light from darkness.

This feels like a different kind of healing! Learning to trust the process and realizing that when we shed light on darkness, its less suffering in the dark the quicker you shed light on it.

I have really learned from my work with my therapist that, I am NOT alone,  I don;t have to be alone in it, and the sooner I shed light on how I feel, the less I have to be in it. NO talking about it doesn’t make the hurt or the sadness or even the anger go away, but what it does is, makes it less powerful over me! The more you shed light on it, the less the hurt can survive – because it’s out there and known, and no longer in the dark place of quietness, walls, weight or shame!

It has taken me a long time to get here …. but I am really seeing such a huge difference when I go into therapy and just open up and let my therapist know right away whats going on inside and how healing that feels vs me holding it alone and feeling disconnected.

My therapist Andy is amazing and I am so blessed that he has really shown me what healing looks like in the light vs the dark! He has truly helped me to see and feel the difference.


  • Barbara

    October 22, 2015 at 8:44 AM

    This is so awesome, Karen! To hear how far you have come in your journey through healing…and you WILL “get there”! Being able to talk about it with Andy is certainly a big move for you; being able to WRITE about these feelings and the journey you’ve been on – are still on – is a BIG BRAVE MOVE!

    You ARE brave and should be proud of how far you’ve come; and what you are accomplishing…I don’t “know” you, but I KNOW you somewhat; and I am soooo proud of where you are in your journey…

    {{HUGS}} to you, Karen!!

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