Where God Meets Us . . .

October 18, 2011Karen Courcy

This is the most beautiful place to be – “The Sunspots” . . . since I was a child, I have always found my comfort in the “sunspots” on the floor. I would wake up in the morning and find the sunspots on the livingroom floor, where I would lay in them. I always thought to myself “This is where God is” .. it’s warm and inviting, it’s safe and holds no fear.. when you lay in the sunspots, there is no darkness, there is no sadness, there is not troubles, or worries. God meets us in the sunspots, where we can pray, and be with him in peace. I have done this since I was a child, and even today I find comfort in the “sunspots” .. whether they be on the floor, or in my bed when the sun shines just right.. or even outside in between tree’s with shade in between.. I dont think there is any better feeling than being in the “sunspots”.. I truly believe it’s where God meets us, talks to us, and makes us feel his love.

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