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Tuesday at Ten {choice}

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Today’s Prompt word is {CHOICE}Β  – link up below under my writing ….


This week for me is all about choices and making choices! I can go one way, or I can go another, I am bound by nothing an that is something I realized this past weekend.

I made a decision and choice this week to do something that will help me move a little more out of this isolation place I have been in this whole. It’s a choice and a choice that comes with a blessing and a curse.

This week I am making a step out of the prison cell I feel I have been in emotionally and I am taking risks and chances!

I told my therapist yesterday what my plan is and the very first words that came out of him was “and you have my full support through this, I am on your side and we will work hard to see this risk through”.

I am going to change the way I go about a few things and I am hoping that these new choices will really help me to move through this hardness of a year I have had in a whole new way.

I am not ready to write about what this change is or what choices I made, but what I can say is, I am working my way to change something physically so that emotionally I can start feeling more grounded.

The blessing is, I know I can do this! The blessing is I have a lot of support! The blessing is I have God by my side. The blessing is, I will feel more grounded … the curse is, it’s going to be hard to make this change physically, but I am ready!

Something needs to change! This has been a long hard year and something needs to change! I am tired of being in the repetitive motion of trying to open the same door that remains locked! It’s time to try a new door and open the possibilities of change and new choices.

I am both excited and scared! I know I have an amazing support system who will stand by me while I work hard through this. I have an amazing husband… awesome boys who fill my day with joy… I have GOD who constantly watches over me… I have an amazing therapist who i have been working with now for 7 1/2 years who I know will walk with me every step in this change and choice …. both scared and excitement I will have those emotions met along side of me.

So …. what choice do you have to make something change in your life? Everyone has a choice… like this quote

“At any moment you have a choice that either leads you closer to your spirit, or further away from it” – Thich nhat hanh

We are given a life with choices and when we are stuck we have a choice to make a step out of the hardness and brokenness that life puts us through sometimes and that is exactly what I have decided to do.

Sometimes We may feel like we are locked in a prison, but the thing is, the door is always unlocked, we just have to trust we an walk out and make that choice at any time.



7 thoughts on “Tuesday at Ten {choice}”

  1. I woke up thinking about what God has chosen me for and when I checked Facebook, I saw the word CHOICE. God is hilarious, and has impeccable timing.

    Thank you for creating a place to link up!

  2. This prompt couldn’t have come at a better time, as recently I have been faced with one of the hardest choices I’ve made in my life. I know I made the right one, but that doesn’t make it easy & doesn’t take away the temporary pain. Thank you for this prompt and this new link-up opportunity.

    1. Hi Candice … thank you so much for being a part of my Tuesday at Ten last week.. im sorry I didn’t respond to your comment sooner.. I’m glad the prompt came at a good time for you.. I hope all is going ok for you now. I hope to see you continue to be a part of the connecting πŸ™‚

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