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April 21, 2012Karen Courcy

I woke up this morning and the first words that I heard in my head was “Just Be”

Wise and caring words from my therapist as we spoke about the hard work I have been doing  – then followed by a reminder today “lean in, connection is where we are” – just be! what can that look like?

I woke up, got a coffee, sat by my window, did some writing, took some deep breaths, worked on some new things, no matter what it was – “just be”.

It’s not easy to just be. It’s not easy to take anxiety, or emotions, or racing thoughts, or even JOY sometimes to sit and just BE.

We are always so caught up in the moments where our emotions lead our life, not our life leading out emotions.

This morning I woke up and heard those words “Just Be”.. even if it’s just for a couple of hours. So today I tried to “be” myself doing whatever it was that I wanted to do before my day became not my own. A day where my emotions would soon run the day, and not me run my emotions.

I think the more and more I am working through my healing, the more I am seeing that just being is sometimes just what I need in the middle of the hectic and emotions days.

I read the bible this morning, my GATHER book. I called my sister and enjoyed our usual Saturday chats – JUST BE

It wasn’t long before my day got ahead of me and the word “just be” started to fade into the words “need to do” or “have to do” .. but at least I took some time this morning to honor it just for a little bit.. and maybe next time, it cane be for a  little longer, until I can allow myself a whole day to just “be” – whatever that looks like.

I am going to bed, getting ready for another busy day tomorrow.. but I am going to connect with those around me, and I am going to keep in mind the words “Just be” and maybe I will find just a little time to honor that and allow myself that time with me.

Please take a moment to comment! I love connecting with others!

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