the tree’s that bend…

March 17, 2012Karen Courcy

Today I experienced a road block in my writing, until now. This happens when I cannot reach anything inside, but I know there are things sitting there; waiting to be reached.

I sometimes experience this in therapy as well. I will go into session and I am silent. I just have nothing to open up inside; even though there is a lot inside.

Today when thinking about what I wanted to write, I was reminded about “the tree’s that bend”, and the photo that I look at everyday in my healing.

This photograph of the trees is actually a canvas that I bought years ago. I bought this photograph for my therapy room, for myself, and for my therapist – as a reminder in life.

I bought this because I wanted to put it up during my sessions to replace these 4 colorful men of art on the wall in the room, that for some reason just don’t sit well with me.

For me energy and connection is everything, and I love trees. I love photographs of beautiful trees. So I saw this photo and fell in love with it, and I bought the canvas, wrote some words on the back of it, and gave it to my Therapist, gave it to the room, and to myself.

Ever since then, we have hung it up in replace of the 4 headed men art instead.

When I walk into my session, it’s already hung up for me! The tree’s with the beautiful sunspot! I love this photo, and what it represents.

We both wanted to somehow make a print up of what is written on the back -to somehow put it on the front.

It’s beautiful wording that reminds me that sometimes trees do bend, and sometimes they break, but they always stand strong after the storm.

It reads:

I started to picture the trees in the storm. The answer began to dawn on me. The tree’s in the storm don’t try and stand up straight, tall, or strong. They allow themselves to bend and be blown with the wind. They understand the power of letting go. Those tree’s and those branches that try too hard to stand up strong and straight, are the ones that break. Now is not the time to be strong or you too will break.

The sunlight that shines between the trees after the storm is the support that heals the broken branches, and gives it strength to grow again.

Thank you for being one of the many sunspots in my healing journey.

I focus on this photo a lot in therapy, and it reminds me of where I am, and that no matter what, the trees always stand, and the sun always shines.

I sometimes focus on the tree branches, and sometimes I focus right on the sunspot. Sometimes I focus on the clouds when I am having a hard time. It represents many things in my healing today.

I love that when I walk into this space during the week, that photo is up and waiting for me. It represents the work in healing that I do. The sunspots that shine through the trees remind me of God’s grace, and that he is always looking out for me.

This photo also reminds me of how to reach in and find what is inside when I am having those moments of silent, or those moments where it feels so hard.

I have this photo at home as well (I bought 2). It’s hung above my fireplace. When I am home, it reminds me of where I am in this journey, and how even in the hard, I won’t break if I allow myself to bend with the storm.

Today, when I felt like I couldn’t find the words, I looked over at this canvas that sits over my fireplace, and I was reminded of where I am, and that I have been through a storm this past week – but I am still standing, and I feel God’s grace all around me, right here, no matter where I am. 

Click HERE for the original photo and writing on the back of the canvas


  • Anna

    March 17, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    Karen – what a beautiful story and photo! this is truly a beautiful canvas! I too would love to stare at this all day long!

    Thank you for sharing this story, it made me smile!


    1. Karen Courcy

      March 17, 2012 at 6:58 PM

      Anna – Thank you .. and your welcome

  • Stephanie Foss

    March 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    karen! THIS is a beautiful story, I love this! this photo is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this writing as well, it reminds me that i need to be more patient and go with the storm, and not stand straight to be broken, thank you very much for writing this today


    1. Karen Courcy

      March 17, 2012 at 6:59 PM

      Steph – yes it’s a great reminder and it’s so true, it really is! I find that when I fight things more, it works more against me, than if I just go with it and honor what it’s telling me! That is what this canvas reminded me of

  • Hanna Delenez

    March 17, 2012 at 6:56 PM

    Karen, it’s so true! the more you fight the hard, the more you break. If you honor the hard, you gain strength!

    What a beautiful photo you chose for your therapy room! I love it! Iove that you take charge of what feels right for you, even in your therapy room!

    thank you for the great story! I’m smiling for you

    1. Karen Courcy

      March 17, 2012 at 7:00 PM

      Hanna.. yeah I wanted to put something in the room that represented my work, and my healing, and focus point.

      We love it, it really brings light to the room, and it helps me focus on all the aspects of the hard, the good, the storm passing, the sunlight.. it says it all!

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