• being good enough

    April 27, 2015KarenBeth

    I have been working on a small art project, or at least trying to, and I haven’t had the courage to really dig deep into it, and I think fear is holding me back. Fear of not doing it good enough, fear it wont be what I hope for! The same thing goes with my writing in the blog. I used to write all the time, almost every day in my blog, and for some reason I have just come to a complete STOP! Fear of not doing it good enough, or finding the perfect words to say! My therapist…

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  • little book of grace and hope

    May 3, 2014KarenBeth

    I bought this little “cork-board” cover book on clearance the other day and I wanted to create something to capture my favorite words and feelings! I wasn’t sure how I was going to make this book into something that could be fun, healing, and a place to capture whatever it is that resonates with me in the moment. So yesterday an hour before leaving for session I got out my “box making tools” and started to create the book to my feelings. GRACE and HOPE! how appropriate for my journey, and on the inside I put a lot of great…

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