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March 11, 2012Karen Courcy

I am starting something new for Sunday nights – a reflection of inner healing. I am a person of reflection, and I love using encouragement in my writing, it helps to move through the tougher days and moments.

I am a part of this organization called “Waking Lotus” .. they encourage inner healing challenges daily, so thought I would bring it to my blog once a week on Sunday nights.

Each Sunday I will put up an encouraging word, you can share it in the comments, email me, or just do this exercise alone.. see where it takes you!

The challenge for tonight they posted was “thankful”

Tonight I encourage you to write down five things for which you are thankful for.


For me, this was so easy! I am a person of gratitude, appriciation! I am constnatly telling people around me how much I am thankful for them! IN FACT, I have said it over and over again in therapy.. I cannot heal, if I cannot appriciate or speak about my gratitude, it is just as healing to talk about the “good” as it is to talk about the “bad” or the “hard.

5 Things? this was hard to narrow it down..

  • GOD – I appreciate God in my life guiding me in the direction that I need each day.. he is the only one who truly knows my strengths and my weaknesses. I appreciate God for all that he is, and all the strength he gives me day in and day out.
  • MY FAMILY – I am so thankful and I appreciate my children so much! They are such good kids, and I appreciate how loving and caring they are, and I am blessed everyday for their goodness and big heart. I am thankful for my wonderful husband for who I have been married to for 20 years! He is the best man I have ever met in my life – my best friend!
  • MY SUPPORT – I am thankful for my support everyday for helping me heal in this journey. I am thankful for my therapist Andy who has truly walked this journey with me for 5 years, Someone I can trust fully and whole heartily! I am thankful for my close friends who have supported me in this long journey I have been on, and have accepted me and all my flaws going through it. I so much appreciate all the people I have in my life!
  • SECOND CHANCE – I am thankful for the second chance I have in life to make it right from the wrong that was done upon me. I am thankful that I am given a path of light for me to see and walk towards. I am thankful that I have the ability to rise above and work through the pain and suffering that I endured my whole life.
  • LIFE – I am thankful for life, and even though I was handed a bad deck of cards since I was born, I look at it this way, the ability to heal from something so painful, gives me a new meaning of life every single day that I wake up! It’s worth fighting for! It’s painful and hard, but it’s LIFE – a life that I can heal from and move through.
What are you thankful for today? Share it with us.. email me.. or just go and sit with it for a while before going to bed.. it may change your day, your mood, and your outlook going forward in the week!


  • Lisa Schriller

    March 11, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    Karen, I most LOVE this …

    1 – FAMILY – I love my family more than the sun comes up every day
    2- GOD – God is love, and love is GOD
    3 – HEALTH – I see people everyday struggle with their health, I am so lucky to be healthy
    4- SHELTER – I am thankful for food and shelter I have every day vs those who dont.
    5 – FRIENDS – I believe friends in our life make us whole and who we are today

    I love this idea Karen.. I can’t wait for next Sunday!

  • Lauren

    March 11, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    Great idea Karen!

    I’m thankful for:
    1. God choosing me and making himself SO known to me.
    Since I was living in a atheist home. He is good!
    2. My grandma. We had an amazing relationship. While I
    miss her voice, calls, letters, today I’m just thankful I had
    her til I was 26. She knew how to love me well!
    3. My ability to love people even though I have a hard time
    allowing people to love me.
    4. My son. He’s full of laughter, sunshine, and giggles.
    I love watching him discover life, trees, his hands, how
    to climb onto the chairs. Hearing him discover his voice
    makes me giggle like a school girl. Love, love, love my boy!
    5. Mentors. God’s given me certain women to walk alongside
    me, without them, I may not of survived the early years of coming
    to terms with my abuse. I will always will be grateful for

    1. Karen Courcy

      March 12, 2012 at 2:43 AM

      HUGS Lauren… I am so glad that you and I met.. we share so much in common with our stories and I just want you to know I am here for you, whenever you need me! thank you for sharing your “thankfulness”

  • Karen Courcy

    March 12, 2012 at 2:44 AM

    LISA!!! I love your thankful thoughts!!! thank you for sharing with others!

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