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June 3, 2012Karen Courcy

Connection has been the key source to my healing since I started therapy. It’s been the core foundation to which I stand on; in order to move through.

My subject line says {re} connecting.. it doesn’t mean I am out of connection, I am very much IN connection.. it means I am re-connecting to what is already there, but in a stronger sense, a more powerful movement.

May was an incredibly hard month for me, many things happened – many good, many hard, many sad.. but mostly it brought more connection to me, a very good connection to all my support in a way that I have never been connected before.

I took a 10 day vacation as did all my support.. it was actually really good timing! I needed this time away after the hard beginning of May was first being in the hospital, and just having a rough time.. but in those rough times, the connection never went away – in fact, it increased with love, suppport and most of all, care! Everyone in my life stepped forward in a huge way and moved me through it.

The past 10 days have been about just being.. being able to get away and find the inner self. I needed a break from my everyday routines … I needed a break from my healing (even though the healing never ends) I just needed that time away – and at the same time remained connected – it was really nice.

I have learned in this journey that I can stay connected and get away from it all at the same time.. it has taken a long time to get there, because before I could never trust it – but now I trust it. There is proof through the wonderful people in my life who are there with love and care at all times – I have learned to trust that.

I sit here Sunday night and I am finding my way back into {re} connection … I am looking forward to this week coming up in my healing, there is a new foundation in my healing relationship with myself and with others that my therapist and I have worked hard through, and I am excited about it.

May was hard, but I have a feeling this is going to be a summer of finding the newness in my healing and myself.

My therapist sent me this poetic form email about my harder times last month – and my healing work, and although I wont share the whole thing, I will share a small quote from it .. about the {re} connection in my healing and myself and that is

So now we find ourselves on this new path that is sure.
We will walk together and do more than just endure.
The secret of all this movement and resurrection
is found in the truth of love and connection.   

I am truly blessed for those words.. I feel God places connection to help us heal, and I am excited to see where I am going, and what I will find….

I am also blessed for all the people who emailed me over the past month asking me why I have not blogged – simply because I was sick, and going through a hard time, and I needed time away.. I will try and update as much as I can.. but for now, know that I am {re} connected into connection.. and I cannot wait to share with the world where I am going next.

(if I have time this week I will share with you all my beautiful OCEAN photos).. the ocean is healing in itself! stay tuned for that blog writing..

Please take a moment to comment! I love connecting with others!

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