Possitive Energy!

I saw this banner and I was immediately attracted to it’s style.. it makes you feel the energy!! I work alot around energy and connection… energy to me is about how things feel around me… is it safe, is it cold, is it warm, is it inviting, or is it disconnecting? does the energy allow me to talk freely, or is it so thick that I revert back to my old way of silence? For me, energy in a room sets the mood, it tells me whether or not I need to scan or just be.

I feel that connection and energy are 2 separate things… connection is how you feel connected to a person… energy is about the feel of the  space you are in.. the energy has nothing to do with the person, but everything to do with the space the person is in. My mood fluctuates all the time through site, smell, and energy in the room.. I am always looking for “positive” energy to work off of, so that the connection to the people around me is just as positive..

I guess this comes with the territory of being a person who struggles with PTSD… you learn both what energy and connection is like.. you cannot have one without the other, it’s possible, but it’s alot more work. Everyday I try and think of the possitive energy around me.. it’s a challenge but I really try. When I saw this banner, I thought about my work, and how this pertains to my everyday life.


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A Home Well Lived in

We love our new home.. we just recently moved about 2 months ago, 5 houses down, into a newly built home. I thought I was moving into a smaller house, but in real, I think it’s slightly bigger.. it still […]

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God’s Home

I heard a wonderful quote today in church, and I have not stopped thinking about it since… the quote was “Church is not a club for saints, but a hospital for sinners” How true is that? people think that if […]

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Life in Transfiguration

Father Larry spoke in the Homily on Sunday about “Transfiguration” .. what does that mean for us today? God took 3 of his disciples and brought them up to the mountain-top to show them a glimpse of what “Heaven” is, […]

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