Life in Transfiguration

Father Larry spoke in the Homily on Sunday about “Transfiguration” .. what does that mean for us today? God took 3 of his disciples and brought them up to the mountain-top to show them a glimpse of what “Heaven” is, the glory of god shining before them.. God wanted to give them a feel for what GLORY is.. The disciples said, we should stay here, build 3 tents and be in this glory.. but God said to them “NO” .. You need to go back down off the mountain and go through life to get to this glorious place.. How that pertains to life today, is we know what the GLORY of God can do for us, if we follow.. we hear and have faith in what Peter, James and John saw.. the glory of god, what heaven is like, what the peace of being at the top of the mountain can do for us. God’s word was “you need to come down from the mountain”.. go through the trenches of life, so that you can be at the top […]

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