A Home Well Lived in

October 14, 2011Karen Courcy

We love our new home.. we just recently moved about 2 months ago, 5 houses down, into a newly built home. I thought I was moving into a smaller house, but in real, I think it’s slightly bigger.. it still has 4 bedrooms, with a finished basement and a livingroom that is off the masterbedroom… I have to say it’s more our style.

one of the things that make my house a home, is the portraits that I have in every room. I am not done putting up all the portraits just yet, but it’s getting there! I make a theme of photos around the house, to show what our life is like through photographs! I think it’s the best feature in a home.  One of my favorite parts of the house is the FOYER where there is a painted tree with portraits.. lots of photos, and candles.. I am still working on adding more photos.

The kitchen is big and has bar-stools.. we I turned the livingroom into a photography room because I am not one that really likes having a “dining room”.. I cannot see eating in a room with RUG.. so we decided to do bar-stools and we all eat together in the kitchen.. it’s fun and easy living!

I love a house that is lived in.. I dontwant a showcase home, I dont want to cover my furniture in plastic.. a home is meant to be lived in.. I love a home to feel inviting – like my photoswhere I show what our life is like through portraits!!







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