Most Blessed! Nathan Turns 13!!

January 14, 2012Karen Courcy

In talking about blessings, I have to say that I am most blessed for all 3 of my boys, 4 when you count my husband. But this week I am most blessed for Nathan to who is about to turn the most important age of 13 in a couple of days!!!

13 being no longer defined as a child; but now as a teen. It’s no longer the moments of him sitting on my lap and watching a movie, or cuddling and talking.. it’s more of a “quick side hug” before running into his room to put his head into the computer just like his dad, or him wanting to hang out with his buddies, instead of hanging out with mom – but all those things are OK, because no matter what age, he is still mine, and for that I am blessed!

Nathan has always been known as my “challenge” .. the one who tests me the most, the one who makes it known that he is in charge.. but all in all, he is so well mannered, very funny, has us laughing all the time! Nathan is my bargainer, the one who makes deals, the seller, and the one who will convince you that the sky is yellow, when it’s really blue! But that is Nathan, and I wouldn’t change a thing about him!

one of the biggest moments I had with him in the car the other day, was his reminder to me that in just 2 YEARS he will have his permit to drive! in 3 years he will have a license. As I was in the car driving, I think I almost choked on the thought! When did this happen? where did the time go? I have Christopher who is going to be 20, I have Ryan who is going to be 16 this year, and now Nathan? I think it really puts things in perspective, and you want them to stay young forever!

But no matter what changes and how many years go by, one thing that will never grow old; is the love and the blessing that God gave to me.. I am blessed for all my boys, and I am blessed to say “Happy 13th Birthday Nathan”.. you truly are my BABY!



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