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March 17, 2014Karen Courcy

healingbox2014This weekend I made a new healing box. This is my 3rd healing box that I have made for my therapy room in the past 7 years, and this one of probably one of my favorites out of the three I have made.

The past couple of months I have been really struggling with “self worth” and feeling down about myself, and we are working hard on reversing “old messages” from the past with “new messages” of truth now.

I created this box that was filled with positive words of affirmation and it was pretty emotional for me.

To tell you a little about the healing box… I made my first healing box 4 years ago. I had this idea to buy a tissue box that has a removable top and to wrap the box with plain brown wrapping paper so that I can create my own print.

After I wrap the box I buy embellishments and words to create the box that fits who I am and to incorporate whatever is going on in my healing at the time, and when I finish it, I bring it into therapy and it sits on my therapists desk.

The idea behind the healing box is to write small messages that I want to remember or a healing thought for the box to hold. It’s a container for positive thoughts, or even hard thoughts that i want to let go of at the time.

Some people create “prayer boxes” .. well this is a “healing box”. 1655586_726816387359344_1571497754_o

This box holds words of affirmations all around, and its a great reminders of the path I am on right now.

My therapist and I will use this box after every session by writing a small message with positive thoughts about session and good affirming words to remember and lean on.

I love this idea as sometimes when we are in the hard, its sometimes a challenge to step back and see the changes happening.

My last healing box was about being a survivor and messages to remind me of the good hard work I am doing.. this box is more focused on self-affirmation to weed out the old messages that have been crawling in over the new healthy messages.

I look forward to bringing this into session today and replacing it to a new focus on the path we are on. This new work of working with the younger me and healing that part of my past so that I can live life on the outside and heal the wounds that keep me from living how I need to live.

I read a book over the weekend called “HUSH” and it talks about how healing happens in levels, and sometimes you have to be at the hardest level of pain to really heal!

Healing is not just about talking about what the past held and them your healed! Healing is deeper to where each level is lifted and the further down you get, the harder and more painful it is, but just because it gets harder, doesn’t mean healing is NOT happening…… truth is, some of the best healing is happening and this new healing box is a reminder is just that on this new level of healing.

I am definitely at a new layer and level of healing and I feel how hard it is, but I also know that when you get to something THIS hard, something is happening, moving, and shifting.

10001016_726812757359707_1770408235_oThis box was a lot of fun to make, and there was some emotional ties to it as well! I’s not easy to make affirming words about myself and to fully believe in them! “I am worthy” was hard to put on that box, because my past tells me different, but to put those words on the box and find belief in those new messages is what this new path is about.

I look forward to this box and seeing what it will hold … I look forward to sharing this part of my journey with all those who are walking along side of me on this amazing, hard yet healing path.




  • Gel

    March 17, 2014 at 11:08 PM

    Very great!

    Have you considered leading a workshop on making these….to lead others on their own journey of creating a healing box? It seems like you would be a good teacher. You could lead the group on a guided journey and include some silent time for inner reflecting and prayer and then everyone could gather around a table full of materials and create their box….I don’t know – it just seems like a neat thing to share with others.


    1. KarenBeth

      March 18, 2014 at 5:56 AM

      Hi Gel,

      I am working on a healing box for you 🙂 you are next on my list 🙂 in fact I already wrapped a box getting ready to make yours 🙂

      I was thinking of making them and selling them and using the money to create a group or something … it was a thought, but its a lot of work. I LOVE making them 🙂

      Thank you for your support.. what a great idea!

  • Barbara

    July 9, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    What a great idea – to have a “healing box”! Glad to see that it has worked for you – and praying you continue to heal through making the boxes and using them to put expressions of affirmation and healing!

    Thanks for sharing with us on Throwback Thursday, July 9, 2015!! Now…what will MY Throwback Thursday be??

  • alocalwander

    July 9, 2015 at 9:50 PM

    This is such a beautiful idea and I hope it really has made an impact in your day-to-day!

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