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December 13, 2014Karen Courcy

patience-acfc64d6Patience is not something comes very easily; especially when we are waiting for something to happen that means so much to us, or something we need.

This past week my husband and I were faced with something that took a lot of patience and trusting; to work as a team together to make something happen.

because of that patience we came out above and beyond what we thought – we fought for something and came out above! a great feeling that both my husband and I won’t forget because we were patient and took the steps needed!

But patience doesn’t always go in the direction we hope. There are times we have patience and we end up being hurt or disappointing in the waiting and in the hope while waiting.

This past month my healing has taken a shift for the amazing and hopeful, and in this amazing shift I have had to patient for the process to begin happening in the direction that this shift is taking me.

I see great things happening in front of me in this amazing shift that is here in my healing, and knowing what is ahead just makes me want to JUMP right into the good… but what I have also learned over time is, you need to take the necessary steps in the process, you can’t jump over the important parts that get us here.

That is patience – When you see what is possible knowing that you have to take the steps to get there!

This past week I have really set my eyes on what is possible, and having to wait is hard and somewhat frustrating even at times.

But I believe God gives us this crazy thing called patience so tat we can learn something in the process of that patience. If we jump right to the best of it, we may miss something incredibly important along the way, and that is what I have kept going in my mind and heart all week.

It’s not always easy, and sometimes in the process we fall short and take steps too quickly missing the pieces that put it together, but every time we go through this we strengthen ourselves to be more and more patient each time – its gets a little easier.

That is what this past month and past week has been for me – sitting in the patience trusting that it will go the way it should and the way I hope for.

Of course having amazing support is helpful in the process of waiting and that is something I never lose sight of.  I have amazing support and that also makes the waiting a little less lonely. Knowing that I have people with me in the waiting going in the same direction as me – that makes it all worth while.

My therapist has told me many times in the past weeks – you are not alone, you are too important to take these steps alone… I have held onto that while I take these small steps in patience.

You can’t get to the highest part of the mountain without taking the steps needed to get there, but when you do, the view is amazing!


  • iwillbloom

    December 13, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    Beautiful. “my healing has taken a shift for the amazing and hopeful” and “you are too important to take these steps alone”…..so, so, so pleased to read this from you….so pleased…..keep on going….as you say, God gives us patience so we can enjoy the journey to the fulfilment that’s on it’s way…..[I couldn’t do a post this week for the ‘patience’ prompt (too little time)…..will join back in when I can….hopefully this week]

  • Sarah@childrencount

    December 13, 2014 at 8:52 PM

    Hi Karen
    Waiting is very difficult, isn’t it? You wonder what God’s trying to teach you whilst waiting, and then when you’ve waited a long time, you think surely I must have learnt it by now? Or is that just me?

    Thanks for your writing. You’ve reminded me of the hymn “It is Well With my Soul”.

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