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October 12, 2011Karen Courcy

I heard a wonderful quote today in church, and I have not stopped thinking about it since… the quote was

“Church is not a club for saints, but a hospital for sinners”

How true is that? people think that if you go to church that is automatically makes you a worthy person of God in his eyes.. people think that all the “good” people go to church.. but in real, we need to look at church as a hospital for sinners.. we go there to be in gods word, be around God’s people; all in unity to show your love for him and the people and most of all yourself. Church is a place to pray for the sins that take over you, the sinner that all of us have inside of us.. we always try and be “good” people “sin-free” people, but we all have sin.. church is not a place for saints, people are not saints, they are sinners, but when you go to church, you are showing that you are gods child, capable of SIN and FORGIVENESS!

So the next time you go to church, keep in mind that, it’s far from a perfect place for perfect people, it’s far from a place for saints… it’s simply a home ; a hospital for sinners.. people seeking to fill their heart with good, to replace the bad.. to find wholeness within themselves in the presence of God.

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