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December 2, 2012Karen Courcy

This weekend I spent some quality time in books! I went out Friday night and I bought Anne Lamott’s new book “Help, Thanks, Wow”.

I had heard from my good friend that it was a great book about prayer, so I grabbed it! The moment I opened it Friday night, I couldn’t put it down and read the whole book in one sitting.

It’s not a long book, it’s pretty short – but I don’t think I lifted my eye’s off it once – I think I maybe took 2 sips of my coffee, but I don’t think I lifted my eyes once to find the cup.

I found myself chuckling, but then nodding my head saying “Yes… Yes” .. following her wit and wisdom on prayer.

So much of what she wrote about just hit home for me on so many levels, and a lot of her wisdom was pointed right towards me at this place I am in on this journey.

A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 journal books, one for my therapist and I to pass back and forth to each other that we call “The Therapy journal“. We pass it back and forth leaving notes to each other about reflection and thoughts and affirmation, and we sometimes sit in therapy with the book and fill it with thoughts that we don’t want to lose.

Many times we hand it off to each other saying “tag, your it” and it’s fun, refreshing and healing – and right now my therapist has the book and I look forward to seeing it tomorrow.

The other journal book I bought was handmade and the pages are made of Lokta Plant. The pages are soft yet thick. They have ragged edges making the book look old, but yet it’s fresh and new. It has string bookmark with a button on the end – very rustic and wisdom looking.

I have turned this book into my favorite quotes, sayings and a place to put words of wisdom as I find them, and they find me. I have written in this book all weekend long. It’s filled with quotes from the book I read, and some other books I spent some time in this weekend.

I found some peace in opening myself up to learn more, and engage in more ideas and thoughts. I love words, and I find a lot of comfort in words that find me at the very moment I least expect it.

I have written words since I was the age of 4! Words were my sanctuary of life. I lived by words and books and meaning. I love trying to see how words and quotes fit into my healing and this journey I am on. I love sharing words with my therapist in therapy – whether it’s by reading my blog writings in session, or by sharing quotes that I find through reading.

So this weekend was a weekend of words and wisdom. I read and I wrote, and I learned and healed more. I found comfort in the quotes that helped me to see different parts of me I never saw, and tomorrow I will share them with my therapist and talk about them with him, because he see’s what I see, and he hears what I hear, and it’s nice to put that into my healing and my work.

One of my favorite quotes that I got this weekend from Anne’s new book was:

Air and light heal; they somehow get into those dark, musty places, like spiritual antibiotics. We don’t have to figure out how this all works – “figure it out” is not a good slogan. it’s enough to know it does.”

I look forward to working on these journals as a part of my healing and seeing where it takes me.


  • Gel

    December 3, 2012 at 10:50 PM

    I love words too. And short quotes that remind me of something true and deep that I want to remember.
    Your writing sounds peaceful, reflective and with gratitude.
    Anne Lamott’s book sounds good. I like the title.

    1. Karen Courcy

      December 3, 2012 at 10:52 PM

      Thank You Gel 🙂 it was peaceful and reflective and it really helped me a lot 🙂

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