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March 31, 2012Karen Courcy

It’s been a while since I have felt something new on my path, and I have to admit, I am pretty excited about it.

Friday’s session was about newness, and support, and going forward not looking for something familiar, but for something unfamiliar in a good way.

Friday was also about truly seeing the support I have, and how grateful I am. I look around and see all those who have walked the path with me.

Talking to my therapist Friday I was assured of who I am, and I have to admit, it felt good to trust that and to hear it with no reservation. I think that in itself is a sign of “newness”.

I have a lot of things I am walking towards in the next couple of weeks both in therapy, and in life itself. I think this sense of “something new” is just what I needed.

I have learned along this path of healing that sometimes you have to feel the unfamiliar to heal and walk towards newness. If we keep walking the same path over and over the scenery never changes. You don’t see new things, or learn new things.

I would have to say in the past week where I thought I LOST my path, was really a turn in the road to something NEW; something better – hard but better!

This up coming week is a week of newness as we walk towards Easter and what that means for all of us. I was reminded that this is the time of year that God tests us, that he challenges us with tough things to sacrifice for.

I truly believe the turn in my path that I took this past week is the RIGHT turn, and I feel stronger and more supported. This is a place where I am not going to let anyone steer me off path – this is a strong path, with a lot of people aside of me, including God.

I can’t wait to see what is on this path to goodness!! One thing I do know is, I am blessed!

My favorite quote from my therapist Friday was “you can’t go back to when you felt strong, you can only get stronger going forward form the hard” .. gives me chills just thinking about it!


  • Tracy

    March 31, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    I have seen these hard moments for turn into the open door for your next step so many times. I love you and am here for you 🙂

    1. Karen Courcy

      March 31, 2012 at 9:29 PM

      Thank you HONEY.. that means alot to me 🙂 .. resilient 🙂 remember that word you told me about.. andy really made me see alot Friday.. “you can’t go back to when you felt strong, you can only get stronger” .. WOW that opened my eyes!

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