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I love writing! My writing has truly helped me to heal along the process of therapy. Writing is my therapy at times, and writing this blog is sharing a part of my healing through my voice.

I have gathered a few of my favorite blog writings that I have written through the years. These writings I feel are the most healing for me, and I hope it helps others who read them as well.

???? – Living Life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – (January 21st 2011)
This post is about what my life is like living with the scars and wounds that bind me. What is my life like living with what was handed to me as a child

???? – Who am I underneath it all – (April 25th 2012)
Who is karen under all this abuse she endured as a child? who am I and where am I heading? One of my favorite writings about facing fear in the face and finding who I am underneath the pain.

???? – My Way Out of Addiction – (February 29th 2012)
I accidentally got addicted to pain pills and I realized just how much it covered before it was too late and it took over parts of my life. Read about my struggle with this addiction and how I got myself out of it to full circle in my healing. 

???? – The Fear of Emotions – (February 28th 2012)
Emotions are something I have struggled with my whole life. I have a gripping fear of emotions and this writing is about how I handle emotions today, and what fears me most about them

???? – My Life Living with 2 O’Clock – (February 19th 2012)
A chain of emotions that happens to me daily since I was a child. Read about my daily struggle that we call 2 O’Clock. This is something that I have learned to work with over time in healing. 

???? – Shedding The Shame – (February 12th 2012)
What is shame? Shame is something I lived with my whole life. Read about my journey on how I over-came the feeling of shame and what that meant for me. It was a hard proces; one that I am still working with today.

???? – Grieving The Past – (February 15th 2012)
I finally got to understand what “grieving the past” meant. It’s not easy to grieve pain, but in this writing I come to understand it. 

???? – Living life in Connection – (March 12th 2012)
What is connection? that is what my question was for the longest time – until the process of healing taught me what connection was. 

???? – The Sunspots – (March 1st 2012)
As a child I met God in the sunspots on the floor. That is how I got through my childhood abuse. The beautiful sunspots on the floor that provided warmth and comfort in knowing this is where God met me everyday. Read about my story on the sunspots

???? – Inside the {4 walls of therapy – (April 22nd 2012)
Read about what the 4 walls of therapy is like for me – my healing journey and about the place I show up to heal

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