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September 3, 2014Karen Courcy

tumblr_m7yuarf7TL1ro50dso1_500 I am linking up and trying out Simply Beth’s 3 Word Wednesday! I love trying new writing challenges and this one seems like its a lot of fun! So here goes! My Three Word Wednesday is {Embrace This Day}

Today in session I had what you may call a small “breakthrough” … I talked about something with my therapist that has been building up inside that I have been quiet about for months, and in that I was met with such support and understanding.

I was afraid to be open with him about this and I kept it to myself long enough to realize it was causing disconnect and when I realized this, I really got big and decided to just be open about it and just embrace the moment as another piece of my healing.

Being in therapy and working with my therapist now for 7 years, there are still struggles at times to be open about things that make me feel vulnerable and open, even raw!

I sat aside of him today and I said to him “you know what? I really want to be open with you about something that I have been struggling with for a couple of months now and I think if I talk with you about it, it may help me to feel more connected not only to him and my healing path, but also to myself, which is so incredibly important.

Today I embraced the day, I took another step into more knowing and more understanding and what I have always learned is that “when we name something, we give it less power” and today I did just that.

There is also a curse to this blessing…. when you open up about something so big, not only is it a blessing because I am no longer alone in it, but the curse is, it leaves me more open and vulnerable and exposed feeling. That is also important to pay attention to, and we both realize that we need to pay close attention to this because it IS important to be as connected as I can in this.

So, as I sit here this afternoon, I am realizing just how much I took a chance, took a risk and embraced this day! I woke up this morning with the feeling of dread and doom hanging over me because I felt alone in what I was holding, and today I feel lighter and heard – not only heard but supported.

Sometimes when we really feel bad or struggle to move through something that festers up inside of us, take a step and a chance to let it be known and give it a voice!

I look forward to where this takes me now that I have put something big out there to be known! Maybe a step out of the self isolation I am in? maybe in this knowing I will have more support and that support will lead to bigger steps… whatever the case may be, I took a chance and I embraced the day that I thought was going to be hard!


I am linking up with Simply Beth “Three Word Wednesday”




  • Simply Beth

    September 4, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    Praise God for His grace in providing you with courage to “embrace the day” by opening up with your therapist. I love how your yes to God by sharing was quickly followed by the blessing of feeling lighter and supported. God is good. Thank you for sharing with Three Word Wednesday. I’m glad you have joined us.

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