• 31 days of reflection {day 24} sharing my story

    October 24, 2014KarenBeth

    When I began this blog 5 years ago I never thought it would become a platform for my healing journey. I certainly didn’t think it would become what it is today, which is a connection to my healing while allowing connection to others. When I began writing my blog 5 years ago it was testing the waters of what was to come, and each day I shared a little more, and a little more, and before I knew it, I was telling my story. It’s not easy to be open, it comes with its risks and vulnerability, but what I…

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  • 31 days of reflection {day 16} long road

    October 17, 2014KarenBeth

    I am also using this post for the FMF Friday word (LONG) “I have traveled a very long, hard road to my present place of healing. I am still often amazed that I have survived both my abuse and myself. My mission is to climb out of the deepest, darkest corners of hell. there is still a life worth living inside me” My life has been a long long road, both hard and healing. I sometimes wonder if the road will ever be smoother with less hard work for me to endure, but then again, maybe this is the road…

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  • 31 days of reflection {day 15} energy

    October 16, 2014KarenBeth

    A big part of my healing is focused around energy; reading and feeling the energy around me with others and in the space I am in. I saw this write up around energy and I wanted to share it: “You either drag your energy around with you, affecting and infecting everyone you meet, or you share a cloud of calm and assurance that encourages others to stand a moment and share what you have found. What you bring with you is your choice, your responsibility. It takes practice sometimes but it’s worth it for you and everyone who meets you”.…

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  • 31 days of reflection {day 12} Sunday Psalms

    October 12, 2014KarenBeth

    This is by far one of my favorite verses from the book of psalms “but as for me, I will always have hope” Psalms 71:14 I truly believe God has gifted us with hope. Hope is not something we can learn, hope is not something that we can buy or bargain for. Hope is not something seen, but something believed in. Hope is like the wind, we can’t see it, but we can feel it when it hits us. Hope is something deep inside of us that God gave us from the very moment we took our first breath! Hope…

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  • 31 days of reflection {day 10} god will restore

    October 10, 2014KarenBeth

    8 years ago a good friend of mine and a pastor at the church I once went to (before I became Catholic) shared with me this verse from the bible that I will never forget, and that is: “God will restore what the enemy has taken from you” I believe this verse to be so true in so many ways for me. I see it happening everyday when God gives me the strength to get up and fight the day ahead. I see his work when I feel I can’t take one more step in the struggle. I see it…

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  • 31 days of Reflection {day 9} care

    October 9, 2014KarenBeth

    I am blending in my 31 day challenge and Five Minute Friday tonight! The Five Minute Friday word is {Care} and I am also using the word Care as a part of my 31 days of reflection. (BEGIN) It has taken me years and year to accept support, care, love and connection. I don’t struggle to give it, I struggle to accept it. 7 1/2 years ago I walked into therapy and I had no idea what was going to be ahead of me on this healing path. I had no idea that I would ever believe in connection and…

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  • 31 day of reflection {day 8} the feeling of fall

    October 8, 2014KarenBeth

    Fall is my favorite time of the year! I am from New Hampshire, born and raised in New England and Autumn time just soothes me! Living in Georgia 9 years now I have to admit, getting in the mood to decorate fall is a little different! The weather doesn’t turn until late October, and down here in the south you don’t see the color change on the tree’s until November! I am a huge fall decorator, and today I decided to pull out all my bins and put up all my fall decorations – even while it was 84 degree’s…

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  • 31 days of reflection {day 7} Deep in Thought

    October 7, 2014KarenBeth

    I saw this quote tonight and it took my breath away! “Go to where the silence is, and say something” . . that is a powerful quote; one that has a thousand meanings to me right now. Silence is often something that overcomes us, but what if we overcome the silence and “say something”. Fear stops us from being and doing, what if we go to fear and show fear no mercy! Disconnection keeps us alone, what if we go to the disconnection and connect! What if we go to the very things that stops us from being who we…

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  • 31 day of reflection {day 6} a little alone

    October 7, 2014KarenBeth

    Have you ever been surrounded by a ton of people and still felt a little lonely? That is how I feel today. My husband left on business today for 4 days, and although I am used to him traveling and he is only going away for 4 days, it still leaves me feeling a little sad when he leaves. I have my teen boys here to fill my days, my oldest son who lives downstairs is is home outside of work, I have support all around me, friends who are just a text away, and a therapist who is always…

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