a reflection of grace

June 12, 2013Karen Courcy

life-reflects-what-we-allowToday while I was driving to therapy I saw something that I have never seen before, and it changed the whole outlook on the rest of my day; even how great my session went today.

I have been taking the same route and the same roads to therapy for the past 6 years, and today only yards away from my therapist office was a sign sitting on the grounds of a church that said “GRACE”.

Obviously this sign has been there for quite a long time because it sits near an old church, I just never saw it before – ever, and I thought to myself “how long as that been there? how did I miss a sign like that?”

Like the quote in the photo “Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see“.

This truly made me open my eyes to all that is around me. I think sometimes we are so focused on what is in front of us, that we never allow ourselves to TRULY see everything around us.

I feel that sign was an opening for me. My session ended up being one of the best sessions I have had in a long time. IT was filled with grace, honesty, and connection, and when I allowed myself to see all around me, I found grace right in the middle of the messiness of life.

I now wonder how many times I have passed by many signs like Grace and never took the time to actually see it.

I think we get caught up in life so much that we lose our peripheral vision to all that is around us. We focus forward on our problems, our pain, our thoughts and the messy parts of life.

When I finally allowed myself to see that sign, it changed something in me today. It changed something in me because I looked harder around me, paid attention to not only what was in my focus and going on inside, but I paid attention to many signs around me in therapy today.

Today was a beautiful session. My therapist and I had a sincere intimate conversation about something that happened last year and partly into this year and there was so much clarity and grace in our conversation. I was able to take down my walls and allow in the connection to truly hear what my therapist was saying to me, and I feel that was so healing for me.

I am a true believer that God constantly gives us signs to be seen, but we don’t always allow ourselves to see it.

I think God communicates through people, visions  and words he doesn’t speak, but speaks through others, and today was a sign from God that no matter how hard things seem, no matter how bad my day was yesterday when nothing was going right, there is grace, RIGHT THERE in a sign that I pass by 4 days a week for 6 years.

I think now every time I pass that sign, I am going to smile. I still don’t know how I missed it for 6 years, but now that I see it, it will always remind me to pay attention to all that is around me, because mostly likely there is grace right here in the middle of the messiness of life.

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