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May 7, 2012Karen Courcy

 Hope is a feeling; not something you can see. Hope is a feeling deep within that you feel when you know something great is about to happen, but you can’t see it yet; you can just feel it in your heart. 

Today when walking into session, I had that deep sense of hope, a kind of hope that is felt, not seen. My therapist wasn’t kidding when he told me over the weekend that he felt a turn in the path in our work and it felt more connecting, more hope, more faith, more grace – I too feel that for myself.

I saw this written in a book somewhere and it gave me chills – it said “hope means (H)old (O)n (P)ain (E)nds – hold on pain ends – now that is a powerful statement!

I believe that God created “hope” within us. I don’t think we could live without hope. I think everyday that we wake up, we have a sense of hope to get from one thing to the next. We have hope built into us, and it’s up to us to move through it, and to find ways to make that hope happen.

I believe that the people we have in our lives sometimes helps us to see that hope. I think hope comes deep within, and God gives us the strength to see that hope.

Everyday when I wake up, I hope that I will be one step close in my path to healing. I have hope I will be able to move through one more thing to uncover who I am. I have hope for a day where 2 O’clock doesn’t eat me up and take me away from that connection and hope.

Hope is a pretty powerful emotion inside. I am feeling alot of hope these days. I feel really strong about the new direction my healing is taking, and I feel that all my support around me can feel that hope inside of me. I am more connected now than I have been in the past couple of months, and I feel closer to my support around me, and I feel closer to God and myself as well.

Hope is powerful – I think it grows just like beautiful tree’s inside of us – but one thing about tree’s, they die if you don’t feed it.. you need to feed hope.. what do you feed hope? LOVE, CONNECTION, GRACE, GOD, COURAGE .. all those things feed hope and hope grows like beautiful tree’s.

Tonight as I sit here and write this, I feel hopeful – I also feel hopeful because my therapist feels hopeful and more connected.. I feel hopeful because I feel GOD in me more, I feel hopeful because of my friends and the people are me feeling my hope, which makes it grow!

When you feel hope, don’t let it go – let it grow and take you to another part of your journey.. hold onto that hope and move with it, it’s pretty powerful!


  • Irene @ Inspiration From The Little Things

    May 8, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    I felt your hope so strongly in your post, Karen. (H)old (O)n (P)ain (E)nds – this is something I learned from you today, and I agree, it is such a beautiful and powerful meaning of hope! I know how it felt to lose hope–I fought depression for years and there came a time when everything seemed like a total blur. When hope dies, I think it’s worse than when our earthly body dies, because living doesn’t makes sense anymore.

    So I am truly happy that you are feeling so hopeful, Karen! I’ll be praying that that positive vibe inside you continues to burn. God bless! <3 🙂

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