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February 3, 2013Karen Courcy

14162_479828465395873_248226350_nA couple of weeks ago I ordered this Journal coloring book “Color your way to emotional healing” by a woman named Cindy Jackson.

This book is raving to be one of the most empowering books towards emotional healing. People of all ages are embracing this book.

My good friend Lauren told me about it as she is working on it with her therapist, and she is really working hard with it along side her therapist.

I went and ordered it and got it in the mail 2 weeks ago, and I am pretty excited about it. I shared it with my therapist and he is so excited to start working on this together, so we have it put aside for when time allows me to sit and work with it.

Right now we are working through other things that have been here and things that have been hard the past month, but everyday I walk into therapy and see the book sitting on his desk along with my writing journal book, and it awaits me – in time.

This book was created by a woman therapist who found a way for people to “color” their way through their emotions. There are 102 ages of emotional words and feelings and the goal is to color them in while talking through your emotions and feelings about what you are coloring in.

This book is challenging thoughts and emotions into words. On each page Cindy gives the reader a way of sorting out and expressing the myriad of thoughts and feelings that come with pain, hurt, and loss. Each drawing woos us to explore our own pain as we travel the path to gain relief and emotional healing.

I plan to work on this book with my therapist. I look forward to working on this! I look forward to what the words will mean to me, what could possible show up through these words.

It will be nice to work on something new and refreshing in my healing. This has been such a hard year filled with so many things confusing and frustrating. I feel my healing has taken a back seat to this crazy making year, and it’s time to bring my healing and my path back to the front.

When I got the book in the mail, I flipped through the pages and I couldn’t even look at the pages without having some tears! I have a feeling this is going to be a great healing piece for me, because I do struggle with emotions, and maybe this is what I need to tap into those emotions and give them more voice that is needed.

As a child I was very artistic. I always had a pencil, pen, or crayons in my hand. I was either writing, or coloring. I was journaling my feelings, and coloring pages of happiness even though I wasn’t happy inside. It was a way to distract myself from the pain and fear I lived with everyday.

This journal book are pages of TRUE feelings and emotions; a way for me to be with whatever it is I am feeling, and to color my way through my healing! I am excited about this! i can’t wait to see where this takes me, and I look forward to sharing this experience with my therapist; someone who knows my story and my pain. Someone I feel safe with.

This past year with all that has gone on, my past has really felt close to the surface, and although I want to sometimes push it back in, it’s here for a reason, and maybe this will help me work through this; work with the surfaced feelings and emotions.

This book looks challenging and I look forward to the challenge  – whatever that brings! I look forward to sharing with you all my new challenge – a new part of my “emotional healing”.

If you want to order the book, take a look at the website

Thank you Lauren for introducing me to this great book.. I look forward to it.


  • Gel

    February 5, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    How very creative you are Karen!
    It’s so wonderful how you find creative ways to explore your healing process. It reminds me that i have often wanted to have a big dry erase board or huge sheets of newsprint to do color drawings on. But I never get around to doing it.

    By the way are you and your therapist still using that journal together? How’s that going?

    sending love your way.

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