31 days of reflection {day 10} god will restore

October 10, 2014Karen Courcy

d337982bcdc5809daac6445e8d41120e8 years ago a good friend of mine and a pastor at the church I once went to (before I became Catholic) shared with me this verse from the bible that I will never forget, and that is:

“God will restore what the enemy has taken from you”

I believe this verse to be so true in so many ways for me. I see it happening everyday when God gives me the strength to get up and fight the day ahead.

I see his work when I feel I can’t take one more step in the struggle.

I see it in the people he places on my path, and the connection it creates.

I truly believe God works hard to restore whatever damage has been done to our soul, and although it may not always look like what we want it to look like, it’s there if you truly believe in it.

I sat here this morning and I wondered “what work has God done in me this week? and what can I thank him for?”

Well I think he helped me to move through a tough week with my husband being gone on a business trip this past week, and safely returned him home to me last night.

I  believe he helped me to be in good connection this week when I felt the moments of disconnection pulling at me, and being able to talk about that with my support and then creating it to be a bigger connection than I thought.

I believe he has really worked hard in my soul this week to take bigger steps on my healing path that I thought possible this week.

I see it, I feel it, I know God is constantly working hard to restore me, and I also know it’s on his time and not mine. He knows what my soul needs, I just need to trust his path for me.

So as I sit here this morning writing, I am reminded of that wonderful verse that I was reminded of 8 years ago, and every day, every year I see the work God is doing in me, and for some reason this morning I was reminded of that, and it makes me smile to know he is still working hard in me – I must not lose sight of that, and I thank him for loving me enough to take away all the struggles life has handed me.

What has God restored for you? Do you see his work in you? if not, be patient, he’s here, he’s always here – trust it.

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