31 Days { Day 17 } ???? back to my roots of writing

October 17, 2015Karen Courcy

53f83c109c660072f8c7037617a744efOver the past couple of years I have changed the course of my writing and what I wrote about, and what this blog was about.

I began this blog over 6 years ago and my focus in writing was about my journey of healing; to write about my process of healing day to day and I wrote around my therapy sessions.

I wanted to give others a view into the world of healing and what my sessions and therapy was about. The good and the hard of healing, and the hope that goes along in that process.

2 years ago I was faced with a very hard situation to where my blog writing around therapy had it’s huge consequences and I basically isolated my writing all together for a while.

When I came back to writing I lost the love for the reasons I began this blog, and it was no longer serving the purpose that opened my heart to write and connect with others.

This morning I read a blog about this woman and her process in therapy, and it reminded me of what this blog was about years and years ago before my blog took a hard painful turn when someone found my blog who shared the same therapist as me  (YES! you read that right ..  but that is a story I no longer want to revisit or share, as this is now about taking steps forward, not looking back.)

Writing about my therapy was no longer something I felt free to do 2 years ago, and I filtered my every thought and process  . . . . . so I stopped writing about it, and when I stopped writing about it, there was a part of me that just fell into this huge void!

The whole reason I began this blog was to give myself the voice I never had since I was a young girl, and to use that voice to finally speak the words I could never write about, and writing about my healing process was healing and not only healing but I connected with others.

Writing in my blog was no longer serving the purpose I longed for… I feared to continue  writing about my therapy even though the woman who shared the same therapist as me was no longer sharing the same therapist as me. I still felt unsafe to write about my healing and the process….

Today while reading this woman’s blog about her healing process and her therapy reminded me of that good connection to self and others by really getting into touch with the healing that happens when you not only heal in therapy, but take that into writing and connect with others around the process.

I miss writing about my journey of healing. I miss reading my blogs in session, I miss connecting with others who are on the same path as me. I miss being able to take my once silent voice and use it as a way to show others “HEALING CAN HAPPEN” “IT IS HAPPENING” and “ITS POSSIBLE”!

I Have decided to take a step back into the very reason this blog was created! No longer filtering my thoughts or my voice out of fear .. this blog is my space to explore and connect the process of healing that I am still on! I have been on this process a long time, and I miss being able to share that process.

I am excited about this as my healing has taken so many changes over the past couple of years. I have grown and my healing has grown and I can’t wait to share with you all the process and to be as open as i want to to be regardless of fear, in SPITE of fear ..

This is my voice, my blog, and my space to be who I want to be .. I no longer want what happened 2 years ago to stop me from walking the path that God put in front of me.

I am ready to take that step again .. back to my roots of writing about my healing.


  • Barbie

    October 18, 2015 at 1:32 AM

    AMEN! I am so proud of you. Tell your story my friend!

  • Tessa

    October 18, 2015 at 1:42 AM

    I find talking about healing helps that healing.

  • Barbara

    October 18, 2015 at 4:44 PM

    Yes, Karen! I am also proud of you! You have a story to tell; let your voice be heard!

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