31 Days { Day 16 } ???? when in doubt, aim high!

October 16, 2015Karen Courcy

5620e35fe8d1eThis photo cracked me up when I saw my husband posted it as a joke on Facebook! I laughed and thought it was so cute!

The little bunny see’s the window, see’s a way to get out, and yet doesn’t know the distance is too far for his jump!

I wonder how many of us fall short of our expectations sometimes! We see something we want, were vulnerable and feel it’s too far to take the jump, it seems so far away to reach at times!

This is life sometimes isn’t it?

After I had the laugh around this photo, it made me realize how much of this photo is much like what I go through at times when I feel vulnerable, and life seems bigger than me – when I take a leap and fall short of my hopes!

But the thing is, I always take the jump even though I do fall short!

This bunny reminded me of what it’s like for me sometimes when I have these big expectations of wanting to take that leap towards what is on the other side of this isolation – sometimes I make the jump, and other times I don’t.

I am sure the bunny found a way to get back up and try again, and it’s so important to know that just because you don’t make the leap the 1st time, doesn’t mean you can’t keep trying.

Life is all about being vulnerable to things we can’t quite see in our distance – but taking the risk anyways.

Life is about knowing you can take chances even though it doesn’t work out the way we always want it to, but still knowing we are worthy of making the leap.

Life is about trusting ourselves enough to try and be patient with the process.

Life is about falling down, and getting back up as many times as it takes because the outcome is so worth the consequences of what good is ahead.

I have learned this process many times in my healing, in my life, in this process of life – and boy do I know what it feels like to jump and fall short of the place I wanted to land! But the thing is, I found connection to help me back up, and continued to set my eyes on the good even in the hardest of days.

So as you look at this photo and laugh at first because it’s so darn cute! This is what life is all about! This is what we are faced with in many situations in life; knowing its a hard process to fall, but a great celebration when we can get up and try again – hope IS with-thin reach, we just need to find our way to making that jump happen!

When in doubt, take the jump and aim high!


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